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Readers young and old will be swept along in this fast-paced story of a girl who imagines her very own zoo with moose that moo, pigs that tap dance, and other wacky animals! Soon her own imagination runs away with her until things start going wrong—the pigs crash through a fence, the goose spills the juice, and everything is out of hand. The girl quickly quiets the creatures of her imagination and vows never to allow that craziness again! . . . or will she? The essence of the storyline is captured perfectly in the endearing illustrations. The easy words and rhyming pattern will inspire children to read this mischievous book. It is an excellent example of imaginative storytelling for use at home or in any educational setting. Highly Recommended. Taylor Wilcox, Centennial Library Intern, Cedarville University



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Review of <em>A Moose That Says Moooooooooo!</em> by Jennifer Hamburg

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