Policies for DigitalCommons@Cedarville Journals

Journals published through DigitalCommons@Cedarville are authorized by Cedarville University and therefore must be in harmony with the mission and doctrinal statements of the university.

Proposals for new journals are subject to review by the Digital Commons staff, the University Academic division, and the University administration. A successful review may not represent the endorsement of the University. Therefore, the opinions and sentiments expressed by the authors published in our journals do not necessarily reflect the views of Cedarville University, its administration, and its employees.

Individual authors are solely responsible for the content of their work.

Each journal has its own distinct review process defined on its website. Refer to the complete list of authorized journals for more information.

Direct any journal-related questions to DigitalCommons@Cedarville, including inquiries to host a new journal or transfer an existing journal. Please direct any other journal related questions there as well.