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Frank A. Jurkat joined the faculty of Cedarville College in the fall of 1895 and served until his death in 1954, becoming with his 59 years the longest serving faculty member at the institution. Jurkat married Alice Bromagem, a 1903 graduate of Cedarville College, and they had one son, Elmer Charters Jurkat, born in 1905. The collection Includes many items representing the history of Cedarville College during the tenure of Frank Jurkat as a faculty member. Personal family items include Jurkat's master's thesis, scrapbooks created by his son Elmer during his college days at Cedarville, the diaries of his wife Alice, her basketball uniform while a student at Cedarville in the early 1900's, Frank Jurkat's wood classroom pointer, and paintings by Elmer Jurkat.

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