The King James Bible: A Translation for the Ages



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These pages from first editions of the King James Bible are taken from editions or fragments which could not be sold as complete Bibles, because they were already missing pages when found. These fragment sections and pages are often used by restorers to put together complete Bibles that were not complete when discovered. The pages that are left over from the restoration process are often sold by the page. These pages are not the result of the destruction of complete Bibles.

Photo credit: Scott Huck, university photographer

(Case 1.1) 1611 first ed Genesis.JPG (3233 kB)
Genesis - 1611 First Edition Page

(Case 1.2) 1611 first ed 2 Kings.JPG (3041 kB)
2 Kings - 1611 First Edition Page

(Case 1.3) 1611 first ed Matthew.JPG (3006 kB)
Matthew - 1611 First Edition Page