Hazel Lowry Lanning Collection

Hazel Virginia Lowry Lanning graduated from Cedarville College in 1914. While a student she was involved in the Philosophic Literary Society, also known as The Philadelphian Society, a literary organization on campus, some of whose records and minutes are included in this collection. Lanning occasionally served as the secretary of the society. Hazel married William Lanning in 1920; she later became a teacher and died in 1981.

The Lanning collection contains commencement invitations, alumni banquet menus, Cedarville opera house programs, period institutional publications, and a variety of personal items, such as a handwritten song and a music book.

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Included here are items such as commencement invitations, alumni banquet menus, letters, and other documents.

Miscellaneous Items
Included here are physical books and other items found within the Lanning Collection.

University Publications
Included here are university publications found within the Lanning Collection. Many of these publications, such as the Cedarville College Bulletin and The Gavelyte, already exist elsewhere in the repository.