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Rethinking the Research Consultation: A Model for Bridging Student Needs with Faculty Expectations through Effective, Efficient, and Exceptional Service

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Conference Presentation

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Academic Library Association of Ohio 2021 Annual Conference


Do you want to expand your connections with students engaging in research? Would increasing the number of impactful research consultations be valuable to your library? Could rethinking how you presently reach students to meet their needs improve research services? Transitioning to a robust research consultation model, our library has seen extensive growth in both the number of and enthusiasm for individualized research consultations. Our efficient scheduling system coupled with effective communication methods and an exceptional level of service has led to an substantial increase in the quantity and quality of student research consultations. Through our liaison librarian model, we are positioned for deliberate dialogue with faculty to better inform our understanding of the research assignments students encounter. Our subject specialists now possess a unique way to bridge faculty expectations with the research assistance students need. This session will provide practical steps you can utilize to elevate your own research consultations at your library. We will discuss how to make intentional connections with your faculty to improve familiarity with assignments and identify how to meet student needs strategically. We will also share best practices you can implement today to increase the quality and quantity of research consultations at your own institution.


Research consultations, liaison librarians, faculty collaboration, reference, outreach