Linguistics Senior Research Projects

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Capstone Project

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Spring 2017


Autism, autism spectrum disorder, echolalia, autistic language, language improvement strategies


Diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have increased significantly in recent years, necessitating a deeper understanding of its symptoms and how to improve on the resulting deficits in communication and social skills. This study examined the possibility of improving the communication of a thirteen-year-old boy with ASD. Within eight sessions, several methods of improving communication were tested, including using a computer to type messages, using pictures to guide conversations, and using simple, open-ended questions. Despite predictions that his communication would improve with the help of focused efforts to communicate and the implementation of these strategies, the participant’s communication skills did not demonstrate much change over the course of the study. However, some methods were found to be more effective in encouraging him to communicate. This study adds to the available data on how autistic individuals communicate and provides information on which methods are more effective for improving the communication of adolescents with ASD.

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