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Language, entertainment, SLA, Second Language Acquisition, Korean movies, Korean, movies


This paper looks at second language acquisition and factors that affect second language acquisition. This project also utilizes a small experiment conducted to help determine how difficult or how easy it is for one to learn even a small number of words in another language. In this experiment a small number of college students watch a movie in another language and after finishing said movie take a short quiz to determine if the students were able to learn the meaning of some frequently used words. These students have had little to no interaction with the language in question. Even so, they should be able to learn some of the words of this language by hearing them used in a movie in the target language. The fact that these students are in college will affect the results in that young children are believed to learn languages the most quickly and thoroughly while older people are believed to have more difficulty with learning a language to the point of fluency. College students reside between these two points, and therefore, should lie somewhere between these two points in terms of efficiency and fluency in learning a language. The results are also affected by each individual’s own specific ability in learning language as some people, regardless of age, learn language easier than others.

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