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The Cedarville Herald, the local newspaper of Cedarville, Ohio, was published under various names from 1877-1954.

The Cedarville Press, another local newspaper of Cedarville, Ohio, began publication on March 2, 1972. The last issue held by the Archives of Cedarville University is dated August 10, 1972, but the actual date that the newspaper ceased publication is unknown.

The Greene County Guardian began publication on November 29, 1956. It is unknown when the newspaper ceased publication. This collection ends on May 9, 1957.

The Greene County Journal began publication in 1955, following the merger of The Cedarville Herald and The Jamestown Journal.

The Jamestown Journal collection contains just five issues from 1954. In 1955, it merged with The Cedarville Herald to form The Greene County Journal.

The Tri-County Herald collection contains just five issues, all from January 1942. Its masthead states that the paper is "published in the interests of Osborn-Fairfield and serving Greene, Clark, and Montgomery Counties".

The Yellow Springs American collection contains intermittent issues from June 11,1953 (the first issue), through April 15, 1954.


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