Martha's Sabbath Lessons



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Martha Elizabeth McMillan kept a daily journal of her family’s life, covering over 46 years from 1867 to 1913, while living on her farm near Cedarville, Ohio. Martha was a strongly-committed believer in Christ. She was serious about her faith, most evident in her devotion to the Lord’s day, Sunday, as well as to other times when her church was having services. Whenever the doors of Cedarville’s Reformed Presbyterian Church were open on the corner of Main and Church streets, her family was there as much as possible. On most Sundays, Martha recorded the basic content of the weekly sermon, and then shared her thoughts and their application to her life, to her family, and to her world. The “Sabbath lessons” in this collection were selected for inclusion by recent transcribers of the journals and are arranged chronologically. Entries are in a devotional format for individual and group use; Martha’s thoughts are reproduced as she wrote them.

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Martha's Sabbath Lessons



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