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notes made from 1908 Diary made by Rankin MacMillan Jan. 1969

January 6. Jason returns to Princeton Seminary.

January 14 - Death of John Murdock (Martha's brother).

Jan. 26 - Martha's birthday - 64 years old.

Feb. 2 - The furnace is frozen - had to order repairs from Boston.

Feb. 8 - oldest daughter Fannie is 40 years old.

Feb. 11 - Furnace repaired and working again.

March 3 - Clara leaves for Chicago, St. Louis and Texas. She has been at the farm since June 1907 and most of time was cook and housekeeper.

April 14 & 15 - Homer in for short visit; had been ill and off work since December with recurrence of his lung problems.

May 19 - Paul returns from N. Mex. - on June 19 goes to Des Moines to be with Fred.

June 23 - Clara returns home. July 5 - Mills Taylor begins pastorate.

July 6 - Clayton leaves for Greely, Col. to visit Edith Rankin - Jason will join to visit Nelle Rankin.

July 28 - Rev. T.H. MacKenzie and Fannie, Donald & Malcolm arrive.

In August - all the family get home at different times and stay various lengths of time.

Sept 3-4 - Jason & Fannie and boys leave for N.Y.

Sept. 28 - After 5 years at Cedarville, Chas. Baskin leaves for medical school at Ann Arbor, Mich.

Oct. 22 - Clayton and Clara leave for Des Moines to meet Jason there, then on to Greely, Colorado where a double wedding is to take place on October 29. Clayton marries Edith Rankin and Jason marries Nelle Rankin, Oct. 29, 1908

Nov. 10 - Clara returns from Chicago.

James and Martha move to a furnished house in Yellow Springs (Clayton and Edith are to be in the farm home)

The remainder of 1908 - is in the 1909 Diary. (See the 1909 - for 1908 from Nov. 10 - on thru' Dec. 31 - return of the newly-weds - Clayton & Edith to the farm etc.)

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Notes compiled in January 1969

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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