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notes from the 1912 Diary made by Rankin MacMillan Oct 1969

As the year 1912 began Martha and James were staying in Cedarville with Mary Murdock. As Martha says she didn't realize till the evening of the New Years Day that the old year was really gone!

January 9 - Martha said she felt better, the distressing pain had quieted and she could turn in bed and have peace. She adds that Mr. Mc (James) is in bed most of the day.

January 21 - she is helped downstairs - she says she is gradually trying to get back to her old life - before she was sick; she also tells that Mrs. McChesney sent in a lovely dinner -

January 26 - Clayton takes hogs to market. Then she says - Clayton has come out on the right side and took the 10th of his money and placed it on his acc't book for the Lord.

Feb. 7 - one of Clayton's horses fell on the ice and broke its neck.

April 19 - Clayton & Edith take John Rankin to church to be baptized.

May 3 - She mentions friends who went to Cedar Day at the college; says they report the exercises were fine; had a dinner in Alford Memorial

May 8 - Martha and James and nurse Mrs. Patterson go to the farm "for a little stay".

May 18 - She reports that Clayton buys an automobile - and says it will be a new experience for Clayton

May 24 - reports first trouble with the automobile!

June 3 - more automobile trouble - then tire trouble - then ran out of gas!

June 19 - car has been used several times all O.K. - this day had "lamps" put on. (many entries during summer on car - and its troubles) (many times she notes that Mr. Mac spends the day on the "rester" (a couch)

Oct 8 - Martha's entry begins saying it's a nice day - and reports all the activities. Then in the evening a change came over father (James) breath so short; evident a change was near. At nine o'clock he peacefully passed away. (read her comments - page 226 & 227)

Oct 12 - The funeral. Oct. 17 - Edith and little Rankin go to Tarkio they return Nov. 21.

Dec. 25 - She was able to come downstairs for Christmas dinner and evening supper.

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Notes compiled in October 1969.

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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