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notes from 1907 Diary made Rankin MacMillan

January 1 - James and Martha still at Kirksville, Mo. undergoing osteopathic treatment. At the farm a Mrs. Williams is housekeeper and cook. Clayton, Paul,Charles Baskin and O.M. Potter of Iowa at the farm. - Paul and Charles attending college; O.M.Potter is writing the diary.

Jan. 3 - Sold sheep that remained after Oct. sale - first time in 49 years that there are no sheep on farm - planning to rent farm as oldest brother Fred wants Clayton who has been operating farm to try a business job away from farm (to be sure of what he wants to do)!

April 4 - Clayton leaves for work in New York.

March 25 - Paul took over diary writing.

June 3 - Charles Baskin has lead in College Senior Class play.

June 4 - Jason goes to England on a summer tour.

June 6 - Cedarville College Commencement - Baskin receives A.B. degree

June 25 - James and Martha return to the farm; Homer, Mary and Clara also arrive. Homer and Mary stay about a week - then to Columbus to visit

July 22 - Isabella and baby Jeannette arrive.

Aug. 2 - Clayton returns from New York. Aug. 5 - Homer & Mary & children return.

Aug. 26 - Harlan arrives - then on 28th returns with Isbella & baby to their home in St. Louis

Sept. 8 - Jason arrives home from his tour of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Sept. 16 - Clayton and Jason leave for Greely, Coloradio visit.

Sept. 12 - Mrs. Williams gives up her work as cook, due to illness - has been here for 7 years.

Sept. 23 - Homer, Mary and children return to Georgia.

Sept. 28- - Clayton returns from Colorado; Jason returns and goes on to Princeton Seminary

Oct. 24 - Fred in for 2 days - he has resigned his position with the Wabash R.R. - and is now manager of the Des Moines and Iowa Falls Railroad.

Nov. 8 - Clayton and Paul leave for St. Louis and Alberquerque, New Mexico

Dec. 21 - Rev. Mills Taylor is called as new pastor of Ced. Reformed Presby. Church

Dec. 24 - Clayton returns from N. Mexico; Paul remains there for his health (lung trouble).

Dec. 25 - Jason gets home for Christmas.

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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