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notes made on the 1913 Diary by Rankin MacMillan Aug. 1968

January 1 - Martha writes a long quote from her pastor son's (Jason's) church bulletin.

Jan. 11 - Clayton and Edith went to Columbus to visit Clara - and to a Billy Sunday meeting - and to Gov. Cox inaugural.

Jan. 13 - Churches are closed due to a diptheria scare.

Feb. 3 - Farmer's Institute - Clayton is president

Feb 26 - Little Rankin keeps "watching door" to get outside.

March 5 - 5000 women's suffragists in Wash. D.C.

March 26, 27, 28, 29 - heavy rains - Dayton flooded (The Big Flood of 1913)

April 27 - Do not encourage Sabbath calling or visiting!

May 1 and 2 - Harlan and Homer in for short visit.

May 3 - Clara home for week-end.

May 30 - Decoration Day - decorating graves of family members Page 102

June 6 - Raymond Williamson graduated from Cedarville College.

June 6 - Homer elected to Cedarville College Board of Trustees.

June 13 - Edith's mother (Mrs. John Rankin) and sister Mabel & 2 daughters arrive

June 14 - Miss Benline (cook and beloved housekeeper) kicked by a horse.

June 18 - car trouble

June 19 - Nellie (Jason's wife) and baby Theresa arrive

June 25 - Edith's father (John Rankin) arrives from Tarkio

July 1 - The Rankins leave for home (Tarkio)

July 4 - Fred and Charles Baskin arrive (Baskin became a skin specialist doctor)

July 9 - Martha's ailments more pronounced - so she with Miss Benline go to Kenton, O. to see a specialist there.

July 10 - Aug. 5 - Martha receives 22 treatments by this doctor.

August 5 - Martha makes her last entry (still at Kenton)

August 12 - Martha dies on Tuesday morning, Aug.12, 1913. (The last 4 pages written by another describes the final illness and funeral. Dr. McChesney presided.

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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