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notes from 1911 Diary made by Rankin MacMillan Jan. 1969

January - Martha greets the New Year as usual with a poem of faith. Then she comments on the loss of youngest son, Paul, while missing him she knows she will meet him again in our heavenly home.

Many entries in this year state that Mr. Mc (as she called her husband james) remained in bed most of the day. They have a night nurse for him.

As she has often done, she gives the text of the sermons she hears on the Sabbath day.

As we read, we note that Clayton has again been raising sheep - as on April 1 she notes that Clayton bought some sheep to add to his flock.

Her house helper in this year is a Henrietta - with friends and relatives constantly coming in - help was essential.

May 14 - She states that Clayton, Edith, Homer & Clara went to church will [while?] Fannie stayed with James. Then she gives Rev. Taylor's sermon subject. Then she tells who all came to call in the afternoon, and comments they should read the last verse of Isaiah, chap.58 - to find a better way to spend the Sabbath!

June 4 - She tells that Edith put the Sabbath dinner in the "fireless cooker", then she, Clayton, Jason & Nelle went to church. Jason and Nelle now have their first child - Theresa - on June 3rd, Martha says she is such a sweet good baby. On June 17 she writes that Jason & Nelle and Theresa say goodbye - and now it's lonely, especially missing baby Theresa.

The farm and household activities go on routinely - They do not have a car yet - seem to use a carriage with 2 horses.

Oct. 23 - Martha and James plan to move into Cedarville to Mary Murdocks for the winter.

November 16 - Martha writes "Clayton and Edith received a son into their family - his name John Rankin" (after Edith's father) and he will be called Rankin.

December 11 - she writes that Clayton and Edith brought Rankin into town to see them; she was happy to see such a bright boy!

December 30 - Rankin was left with her as Clayton and Edith visited Prof. McChesney's

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Notes compiled in January 1969

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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