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notes from 1904 Diary made by Rankin MacMillan Nov. 1968

James and Martha with son Paul went to California Dec. 18, 1903 to be with son Homer and his wife Mary. They did not return to the farm until July 21, 1904. During this period Cousin Mary Murdock and a Mr. Charles Baskin moved out to the farm. Between them they kept the diary up to date. Clayton was in charge of the farm operation and seemed to do a very good job. It is likely that older son Fred planned his parents extended stay in California, so that Clayton could prove his "wings" were strong enough to "fly" (to operate farm).

The diary notes the day to day work on the farm - and the weather, during this time.

May 2 - The Reformed Presbyterian Church Congregational meeting to discuss and vote on union with the United Presbyterian. Motion tabled indefinitely.

June 15 - Mary's remarks about two Mormon missionaries (page 72)

July 21 - James & Martha and son Paul return from California visit.

August 4 - The MacKenzies arrive. Aug. 8 - Homer, Mary & son arrive.

August 9 - Clara arrives. Also Rev. MacKenzie comes.

August 13 - Jason arrived home, having been in Des Moines from Tarkio. been away 11 months

August 20 - Fred and Harlan arrive from Des Moines - This made all of the family home for about 10 days.

Sept. 5 - Clayton and Jason leave for Tarkio College.

Sept. 8 - The MacKenzies return to New York.

Sept. 13 - A.B. Henry installed as pastor of the Reformed Presby. Church.

Sept. 13 - Charles Baskin and son Paul enroll at Cedarville College.

Sept. 15 - Clara left for Des Moines. She and Fred will attend World's Fair at St. Louis then she will return to her school in Philadelphia.

Sept. 16 - Homer and Mary leave for Columbus where a Dr. Hunt will operate on Homer's bad lung. Oct. 11 - They return to the farm.

Dec. 1 - Homer and Mary & baby Richard leave for a new work at Buford, Ga.

Dec. 20 - Chas. Baskin goes home to So. Carolina for Christmas.

Dec. 21 - Clayton home from Tarkio - Jason went to Greely, Colorado (to see Rankin sister)

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These notes were compiled in November 1904

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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