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notes made on the 1898 Diary by Rankin MacMillan Dec. 1968

January 1 - as in the past few years since some of her children are in school or work elsewhere, she (Martha) begins the year by recording where each one is. Also, as has been been her custom through the years, she quotes poems or scripture, or writes her own tribute to the New Year.

April 11 - School directors elected; First time women could vote in this district - a Mrs. Barber was elected (Martha remarks "it is high time" women could vote & be elected!

April 12 - Evidently Jason wouldn't go to school a couple days! Her comment.

May 5 - Martha went to W.C.T.U. convention in Springfield.

May 22 - The Sunday School She started in school house is now 1 year old

May 23 - Homer plans to stay in N.Y. and work during summer.

June 14 - Homer's plans change; comes home.

July 1 - Fannie MacKenzie and sons Donald & Malcolm arrive home.

July 6 - Clara arrives home from Monmouth

July 9 - Harlan comes home for weekend.

July 19 - Fred arrives for a 4 week visit

August 1 - Rev. Tom MacKenzie arrives.

August 22 - Mr. MacKenzie, Fannie and Harlan leave for a week's trip on Lake Erie

August 29 - Homer with the MacKenzie sons, Donald & Malcolm leave to meet their parents, Mr. MacKenzie and Fannie, in Cleveland - then on to N.Y. where Homer will stay with the MacKenzie's until Seminary opens. (Union Seminary)

Sept. 5 - Clara returns to Monmouth.

Sept. 15 - Clayton enrolls at Cedarville College.

Sept. 29 - Jane (Jame's sister) is severely burned while lighting a lamp. She was 86 yrs. on On Oct. 4 she died.

Nov 12 - Tells about "the old rocking chair" that comes back home.

Dec. 17 - Jason has chicken pox. Dec. 23 - Clara home for Christmas vacation

Dec. 25 - Martha comments on her School House Sunday School.

There was no rural mail delivery yet - had to go to Cedarville for mail. There were a few telephones in Cedarville - but not yet on the farm.

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The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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