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Martha McMillan, Cedarville, diaries, journals, transcripts


The transcripts for January, February, March, May, June, July, September, October, and November were done during the Literary Recovery Class taught by Dr. Michelle Wood at Cedarville University during Spring Semester 2018.

Critical Essay January_March 1884 by Addison Lamb.pdf (97 kB)
Critical Analysis Essay, January-March 1884

Critical Introduction to May_July 1884 by Alethea Surland.pdf (99 kB)
Analyzing Martha McMillan’s Involvement in her Children’s Spiritual and Catechetical Growth

Critical Introduction to September_November 1884 by Jessica Elder.pdf (81 kB)
September—November 1884: A Critical Introduction to Martha McMillan



About this Collection

The McMillan Journal Collection is an archive of the journals of Martha McMillan of Cedarville, Ohio, who maintained a daily journal from 1867 until her death in 1913.


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