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Capstone Project

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Spring 4-30-2018


This project is an EP, for which I wrote or cowrote all the songs, acted as producer, worked with others to record, and mixed each song. During my semester in Nashville, I was asked to write a song either every week or every other week, and the songs on this EP represent about half of what I wrote over the course of the semester. Each week, instructors would tweak arrangements and the form of each song so that we could put on a concert each Thursday, and I made sure that I used our recording studio to record the best ones. All of these recordings were done in ProTools using the recording studio at the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, and each session was moderated by Hannah Patey, Andrew Corbett, and myself. They were mixed in the studios on Cedarville’s campus, and a few extra parts were added and recorded at Cedarville as well. Overall, the EP reflects a lot of my personal journey during my Nashville semester, even though very abstractly at some points, and I titled it “This is My Stage,” to reflect that growth. As I want to work in the music industry after graduation, this project represents my first major step towards that goal, both in songwriting and mixing.


Music, songwriting, songs, Nashville, Contemporary Music Center


Dr. Sandra Yang

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Strand After Strand

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Swan Song

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