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Music therapy is a field of psychology and psychotherapy that exists under the broad field of study known as expressive arts therapy. This form of therapy is experiential in nature, and it gives participants vehicles through which they can tell their stories and share their emotions while actively exploring their thoughts. Music therapy can be used as a treatment for a myriad of psychological disorders. Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia are just a few of the disease states treated with these therapies, and music therapy has been proven to be effective as a treatment for each. In order to grant a base level of understanding, research was done examining the methods and approaches used in music therapy, along with research examining the psychological and physiological effects that it has on its participants. Primary findings show that the trend in research is toward a more broad-spectrum use of music therapy, as well as an expansion of the current treatment contexts and conventions. Secondary findings revolve around the limited literature regarding music therapy its association with those who suffer from psychiatric disorders and are also already receiving pharmacologic treatment for their disorder. Tertiary findings will revolve around the discovery of various neurobiological and neurophysiological findings related to music therapy and its effects on the brain.


Music therapy, psychiatry


Sandra Yang, Connie Anderson, and Betsy Linnell



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