B.A. in Music Senior Capstone Projects

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Capstone Project

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Fall 2010


As a female, I am going to be going into a field of work that seems to be struggling with the transition between the traditional views of "men only" on church staff to allowing women on church's staff. I know that as I enter the world looking for a job in a church, I may face multiple obstacles that make it difficult for me as a female to find one. I was hoping that this research/study will assist me in my future job applications, and help others when looking for a job as well.

I approached dealing with this problem by looking both at the background of the church from Scripture, history, and today's church conversation as well as looking into statistics that had been recorded by various organizations and my own survey findings. With this research and statistical information, I hoped to see the progression of the acceptance of women in church leadership as well as how today's church was responding to women in ministry.

Through the history research, I found that the church went through both positive and negative reactions to women in church leadership positions. During the survey observation, excitingly, I found that most churches reacted positively to a woman in ministry, and in my survey, those who were wanting to apply for the positions that they had opened.

Overall, I found that historically some churches have not been interested in hiring women in their church, whether it is because of their interpretation of Scripture or personal preference. However, today the majority of the churches surveyed view their worship leader as a staff position. This excitingly shows that they have fewer issues with hiring a woman to fill this position.

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