Submissions from 2018


Perspectives from the Outside: The Value of Cross-disciplinary Team Teaching, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2015


Book Review: Burgmüller, John Mortensen

Submissions from 2014


Chaconne in d minor, John Mortensen

Submissions from 2013


Book Review: Playing Beyond the Notes, John Mortensen

Singers, What a Head Case, Susan Plemons

Submissions from 2012


Singing Gesualdo: Rules of Engagement in the Music History Classroom, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2011

Sound Tracks: The Migration of European Composers during World War II, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2010


A Comparison of University Student Perceptions and Success Learning Music Online and Face-to-face, Agi Horspool and Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2009


Darius Milhaud, Sandra S. Yang


Pierre Boulez, Sandra S. Yang


Strengthening the ‘History’ in ‘Music History:’ An Argument for Broadening the Cross-disciplinary Base in Musicological Studies, Sandra S. Yang


The West I Know: A Reception History of the Milhaud-Claudel Collaborations in the US, or, The Coming of Age of Christophe Colomb, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2008

A Tribute to D. Stanley Hasty, Bruce Curlette

Submissions from 2006

Some Considerations for Programming for a Woodwind Chamber Ensemble, Bruce Curlette

The Blending of Eastern and Western Musical Traditions in Long Zhou's Ding for B-flat Clarinet, Percussion, and Double Bass, Bruce Curlette

An Unauthorized Postscript, John Mortensen

Seven Subtle Ways to Become Ineffective in the Eyes of Your Congregation (article), Roger L. O'Neel

Submissions from 2005

Memories of Harold Bauer as a Teacher, John Mortensen

The Power of Bauer, John Mortensen

Are You Well-Blended?, Roger L. O'Neel

Submissions from 2004

Out of Adversity, John Mortensen

Submissions from 2002

Audio Review: Beyond Noend with Errante, Bruce Curlette

Learning by Listening to Recordings of Great Artists, John Mortensen

Submissions from 2001

Is Your Ministry in the Toilet?, Roger L. O'Neel

That's My Line!, Roger L. O'Neel

Claudel and Milhaud: ‘Une collaboration bien plus importante. . ., Sandra S. Yang

Books from 2000


Christmas from the Heart, Charles R. Clevenger

Submissions from 1998

Websites for Singers, Mark W. Spencer

Orchestras, Steven Winteregg

Books from 1997


Near to the Heart, Charles R. Clevenger

Across China with a Tuba, Steven Winteregg


The Composer and Dance Collaboration in the Twentieth Century: Darius Milhaud’s Ballets, 1918-1958, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 1996

Pitch Organization and Text Setting in Songs of Charles Seeger, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and Henry Cowell, Roger L. O'Neel

Submissions from 1995

How Do You Balance Your Emphasis on Accuracy and Interpretation?, Connie A. Anderson, Rebecca Johnson, Peggy Randolph, and Victoria Ebel-Sabo

Music Worship: An Exercise in Giving, Lyle J. Anderson

Submissions from 1994

What Makes Piano Study a Positive Experience for You/Your Child?, Joyce Cameron and Connie A. Anderson

Submissions from 1992

How Do You Find Musical Messages in a Piece of Music?, Connie A. Anderson, Joyce Cameron, Janis Combs, Lina Rudzinski, and Lee W. Reichel


Worship Through Music, David Matson

Submissions from 1988

Pitch Organization and Text Setting in the Psalm Settings of Charles E. Ives, Roger L. O'Neel

Submissions from 1985

Jubilant Sound Band Method, Level One, Michael P. DiCuirci

Jubilant Sound Band Method, Level Two, Michael P. DiCuirci

Submissions from 1981


Music, Homemade and Family Style, Lyle J. Anderson


Getting Out the Good News, Michael P. DiCuirci


Church Music: Some Biblical Considerations, David Matson


Music: A Ministry to Win Others, Charles M. Pagnard