Student Composition Recitals

Student Composition Recitals



Submissions from 2018

Happiness: Pure Sugar, Skyler Cash

Wealth: Never Enough, Landon Cina

People, Jordan Fredericks

Contentment, Stephen P. Gaynier

Love, Nicholas Moorman

Finale: God's Call, Timothy Parsons

Overture: A Call, Timothy Parsons and Stephen P. Gaynier

Fame, Luke J. Williams and Maria Confer

Submissions from 2017

Bagatelle, Maria Confer

In the Forest, Stephen P. Gaynier

Why Fades a Dream, Calvin D. Hitchcock

Storyteller, Sean Kisch

Sleepless, Timothy Parsons

Bloom, Luke Simons

The Fitful Alternations of the Rain, Luke J. Williams

When Soft Voices Die, Luke J. Williams

Submissions from 2016

String Quartet No. 1: Passions, Michael Carbaugh

Seasons of Summer, Stephen P. Gaynier

Iliad, Timothy Parsons

Salmiakki, Luke Simons

Three Poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Luke Simons

An Argument (Most Likely About Politics), Luke J. Williams

Submissions from 2015


Locrian Rain Dance, Michael Carbaugh

Quartet No. 1, Michael Carbaugh


Songs, Joshua Drake

The Storm, Jordan Fredericks


Alptraum, Daniel T. Galey


Interlude for Violin, Daniel T. Galey

O Captain! My Captain!, Daniel T. Galey

can't let go, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Incidental Music from Doubt, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Salem, 1692, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Learning to Speak, Sean Kisch


Phobos and Deimos, Sean Kisch

Someone to Notice Me, Sean A. Kisch


Neuro, Andrew McFarlane

Archangel: For Horn Solo, Timothy parsons

Joy and Stress, Eleanor G. Raquet


Driftwoodsman, Nathanael T. Spanos

Cry of a Fool, Alisha Symington

Simple Playground for Euphonium in F Major, Alisha Symington

Submissions from 2014


Emergence, Michael Carbaugh


Heavy Droplets in the Light Rain, Michael Carbaugh


Whole-tone Sax, Joshua Drake

Excelsior (Ever Upward), Michelle E. Frazer

Sketches (for Two Horns), Michelle E. Frazer

The Lord Almighty Is with Us, Michelle E. Frazer

The Catacombs, Calvin D. Hitchcock

Water: Phase II, Calvin D. Hitchcock


what if..., Calvin D. Hitchcock

Dance for String Quartet and Harp, Sean Hobbes

Metropolis: Joh and Rotwang, Sean Hobbes

Panorama, Sean Hobbes


Chrysalis, Sean Kisch


Suite from Know Me, Sean Kisch

Perspective: Movement for Brass Quintet, Andrew McFarlane


First Flight, Alisha Symington

It Is Well, Michael J. Wood

Sample Platter, Michael J. Wood

Submissions from 2013

Crossing the Bar, Michelle E. Frazer

My Advocate, Michelle E. Frazer

Opportunity, Michelle E. Frazer

Videre, Michelle E. Frazer

We Wear the Mask, Michelle E. Frazer

swimming in the nth dimension, Josiah D. Hayden

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Kevin A. Hicks

Rhapsody for Clarinet, Calvin D. Hitchcock

Sonata for Violin and Viola, Calvin D. Hitchcock

Destin, Sean Kisch

Violin Sonata in Three Styles, Sean A. Kisch

3 Movements for Solo Trumpet, Andrew McFarlane

Awaken, Andrew McFarlane

Batter My Heart, Andrew McFarlane

Irae, Andrew McFarlane

Submissions from 2012

Songs, Brian R. Cates

Synesthesia, Brian R. Cates

The Persistence of Memory, Brian R. Cates

4 Clarinet, Josiah D. Hayden

Seasons of Winter, Josiah D. Hayden

Absalom, My Absalom, Kevin A. Hicks

Enemy Within, Kevin A. Hicks

Fire in the Sky, Kevin A. Hicks

Lament, Kevin A. Hicks

Poetry from My Childhood, Kevin A. Hicks

Mary's Song, Sarah Hinson

Pandora's Box, Sarah Hinson

A Supermarket in California, Nathanael T. Spanos

Beep Boop, Nathanael T. Spanos

Fimbulvetr, Nathanael T. Spanos

Interval Training, Nathanael T. Spanos

Submissions from 2011

Petalesharo, Nathan Brown

Clayton in Blue, Cody Clark

Of Blood and Water, Nathan Dix

Surrender, Michelle E. Frazer

Theme and Variations, Michelle E. Frazer

Four Character Pieces, from A Tale of Two Cities, Kevin A. Hicks

Shades of Green, Sarah Hinson

A Spark of Imagination, Rachel A. Lowrance

Copperfield's Ball, Luke Marot

Secret, Josh McLeod