Student Composition Recitals



Compositions from 2023

Two are Better Than One, Caleb Ashley


Composition Recital Fall Program, Cedarville University


Composition Recital Spring Program, Cedarville University

Memories, Jason De Mets

Oxygen, Nic Dysert

Come, For Thy Wasted Day Is Closing, A. J. Higgins

Elegy to the Beloved, A. J. Higgins

The Nostalgia of a Thousand Memories, A. J. Higgins

Kingdom at Hand, Logan Lipke

Nocturne in e minor, Logan Lipke

Glass Lake, Trent Mitchell

Shimmer, Trent Mitchell

String Trio in D, Noah Orton

For Adventures Left Undreamed, Corrissa Smith

Shifting Skies, Corrissa Smith

Winter Peaks, Sean Walter

Compositions from 2022

The Road Not Taken, Timothy Barnes

House of Calamity, Logan Carter


Composition Recital Program, Cedarville University


Composition Recital Program, Cedarville University

Realization and Resolve, Stephen Cressman

The Risk of Birth, Christmas 1973, Stephen Cressman

Melodic Imagery for French Horn, Jason de Mets

Reflections, Jason De Mets

Sonatina in C Major, Jason de Mets

Lapis Lazuli, Maryssa Duncan

Stoneheart, Nicolas Dysert

Compositions from 2021

Oboe Delta, Timothy Barnes

Because I Could Not Stop for Death, Logan Carter

Graceful Longings, Maryssa Duncan

Rainwatch, Nic Dysert

Douse of Reality, Jana Molinari

I Will Not Be Shaken, Jana Molinari

Zolin's Laige, Annamarie Wells

Compositions from 2020

Blossom, Logan Carter

Kalopsia, Nic Dysert

To a False Friend, Nic Dysert

Siberian Winter, Emma Mishler

The Betrayal, Jana Molinari

Wanderer, Annamarie Wells

Compositions from 2019

Abstract Beauty, Landon Cina

Æther, L. K. Cina

Lost at Sea, Maryssa Duncan

Duet for Viola and Trombone, Jordan Fredericks

The Higher Commission, Jordan Fredericks

Love's Secret, Lydia Kee

On Time, Jana Molinari

Silver Linings, Jana Molinari

Trac Xo, Jana Molinari

Praise the Lord, Annamarie Wells

Compositions from 2018

Happiness: Pure Sugar, Skyler Cash

Wealth: Never Enough, Landon Cina

A Tale in Genesis, Jordan Fredericks

People, Jordan Fredericks

To Them, Jordan Fredericks

Contentment, Stephen P. Gaynier

Ex Position, Lydia Kee

Three Movements on Psalm 42, Jana Molinari

Love, Nicholas Moorman

Chorale and Fanfare, Timothy Parsons

Finale: God's Call, Timothy Parsons

Overture: A Call, Timothy Parsons and Stephen P. Gaynier

Pieces for Solo Violin, Annamarie Wells

Fame, Luke J. Williams and Maria Confer

Compositions from 2017

Bagatelle, Maria Confer

In the Forest, Stephen P. Gaynier

Why Fades a Dream, Calvin D. Hitchcock

Storyteller, Sean Kisch

Sleepless, Timothy Parsons

Bloom, Luke Simons

The Fitful Alternations of the Rain, Luke J. Williams

When Soft Voices Die, Luke J. Williams

Compositions from 2016

String Quartet No. 1: Passions, Michael Carbaugh

Seasons of Summer, Stephen P. Gaynier

Iliad, Timothy Parsons

Salmiakki, Luke Simons

Three Poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar, Luke Simons

An Argument (Most Likely About Politics), Luke J. Williams

Compositions from 2015


Locrian Rain Dance, Michael Carbaugh

Quartet No. 1, Michael Carbaugh


Songs, Joshua Drake

The Storm, Jordan Fredericks


Alptraum, Daniel T. Galey


Interlude for Violin, Daniel T. Galey

O Captain! My Captain!, Daniel T. Galey

can't let go, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Incidental Music from Doubt, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Salem, 1692, Calvin D. Hitchcock


Learning to Speak, Sean Kisch


Phobos and Deimos, Sean Kisch

Someone to Notice Me, Sean A. Kisch


Neuro, Andrew McFarlane

Archangel: For Horn Solo, Timothy parsons

Joy and Stress, Eleanor G. Raquet


Driftwoodsman, Nathanael T. Spanos

Cry of a Fool, Alisha Symington

Simple Playground for Euphonium in F Major, Alisha Symington

Compositions from 2014


Emergence, Michael Carbaugh


Heavy Droplets in the Light Rain, Michael Carbaugh


Whole-tone Sax, Joshua Drake