Student Composition Recitals


I. Conscious
II. Mull


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Simon Yeh, soprano sax
Julia Brummel, alto sax
Jonathan Lyons, tenor sax
Kyle Darwin, baritone sax.

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Saxophone quartet



Program Notes

I’ve often described myself to people as an over-thinker. When analyzing this piece to find some sort of story or program, I saw myself. It seemed to me that the music described one who is cursed and blessed with thoughtfulness- perceiving the world, analyzing everything the senses take in and rehearsing them in the mind. I named the piece Neuro- referring to the nervous system. The first movement, “Conscious,” describes this intake of information in 4 sections: a blurry morning, the bustle of the day, a short respite from the intake, and another bustle. The second movement, “Mull,” describes a session of deep thoughtfulness. A descending scale followed by a large ascending leap represents the original thought. The over-thinker sits and rehearses this thought and takes loosely related rabbit trails to interesting places of his or her imagination. I encourage the listener to view the music as describing the intangible processes of the mind and imagination- perception, processing, rehearsing, etc.

Composition recital spring 15.pdf (220 kB)
Recital Program


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