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I owe a great deal of thanks to both the clarinetists and Dr. Curlette for putting a great deal of time into this piece. Chrysalis is quite challenging, both technically (because of the complex rhythms and counter-rhythms) and musically (because of the unique harmonic language). The idea behind Chrysalis is that the tiny phrases, syncopations, and runs would create the picture of a thousand tiny little pieces being changed and rearranged, much like how God transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly. Also like a caterpillar, near the end of the piece, the quartet goes through a transformation as well, as the first Bb Clarinet changes to the higher Eb Clarinet. The last idea you will hear is the butterfly flitting out of sight, as the main motive becomes thinner and thinner, until it “disappears into the distance.”

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Jillisa Brummel, Carolyn Gorog, and Molly Schwall, clarinets

Simon Yeh, bass clarinet

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Recital Program


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