Student Composition Recitals


First Flight


I. Boarding

II. Take Off

III. In Flight


Arne Anderson, Sarah Chasse, Anna Porter, Alisha Symington, and Michael Wood, percussion

Jonathan Lyons, conductor

Recital Date


Academic Year






Program Notes

In early September I had the opportunity to travel to Florida by airplane for a friend's wedding. Flying is a form of transportation I have always been most drawn towards: the excitement of finding the right gate in the airport, the rattling take off, and the breathtaking clouds. Fortunately, I have had many opportunities in my lifetime to fulfill my enjoyment of this thrill. As I sat on the plane, I attempted without success to remember the first time I flew in an airplane. I started to think what it would feel like to experience this for the first time. I wanted to represent through music what this could mean. I could not imagine better instrumentation to replicate the adventure than percussion. First Flight takes the listener through three stages of the air-travel process. "Boarding" represents the feeling of happiness and adventure along with a few moments of confusion as one attempts to find the correct gate. "Take off" displays the rumbling of the engine and the timid spirit of a new traveler as the plane leaves the ground. Lastly, "In Flight" is a discovery of the power and beauty of the sky as the vast clouds are viewed for the first time.

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Recital Program


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