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Simon Yeh, clarinet

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Living in the midst of uncertainty is something quite familiar to all of us, yet also so foreign. When I sat down to write this score, my main question was how do I capture this universal feeling with my music? How can I draw my audience in while simultaneously taking them on an unpredictable and slightly uncomfortable journey? My goal was to have listeners be present, not relying on the past or living in the anticipation of something to come, but caught up in the moment. My musings resulted in a recurring two bar theme strategically placed throughout a relatively abstract score. This “melody” is meant to provide a roadmap of sorts, something which people will recognize and grab onto amidst the confusion. The abstractness is not meant to turn off, but rather to enhance this sense of living in the moment, also an implicit theme in the play itself. I have additionally interspersed familiar sacred melodies throughout to aid the ecclesiastical nature of the show. It is my sincere hope that this score allows the audience to experience doubt in a new light and to come away with a different understanding and appreciation for this unsettling emotion.

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Original poetry written and performed by David Widder-Varhegyi



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