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Organ, Baroque, instrument design, hydraulus, organa magna, organa parva, Ninfale, bellows, Johann Sebastian Bach


The purpose of this presentation is to survey the development of the organ, which is one of the most magnificent and impressive musical instruments known to man. The main objective is also to explain how and why the organ developed the way that it did. Further, the presentation will attempt to answer the following questions: what deficiencies in the performance of early organs were organ builders trying to improve on, what differences in sound did they want new organs to be able to produce, and how did the needs and preferences of organists influence changes in organ design? The majority of the research for this presentation centers on the scholarly contributions of C.A. Edwards, C. F. Abdy Williams, and Willi Apel. Specifically, the focus is placed on the designs and construction of a wide variety of organs. Hopefully, this presentation will result in a clear understanding of the distinctions between these instruments and the related pros and cons.





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