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Fall 2011

Academic Year



Higher Education


Cedarville, faculty


University Archives

Digitization Date

May 7, 2013

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5½" x 8½" 12-page booklet

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RG 4/1

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VF 4/1/12


New Faculty, 2011-2012

Jeb Ballentine, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Vice Chair of Experiential Programs
Aleda Chen, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Lisa Clifton, Assistant Professor of Social Work
Kristi Coe, Instructor of Nursing
Lori Ferguson, Instructor of Education
Joseph Fox, Assistant Professor of Library Science
Tracy Frame, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Heather Heritage, Instructor of Communications
Kelly Hiteshew, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Aaron Huffman, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Matthew Ingle, Instructor of Biology
Adam Johnson, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies
Michael Kane, Assistant Academic Vice President for Educational Resources
Ruth Lowrie, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Brent Miller, Instructor of Biblical Studies
Stephanie Mills, Chemistry Laboratory Instructor
Michael Pahl, Associate Professor of Theological Studies
Lin Pan, Assistant Professor of Physics
Robert Paris, Assistant Professor of Biology
Kaleb Pauley, Assistant Professor of Biology
Rocco Rotello, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Science
Richard Tison, Assistant Professor of History
Andrew Wagers, Assistant Professor of Physics
Di Wu, Assistant Professor of Psychology


Cedarville University


Cedarville, OH

New Faculty, 2011-2012



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