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2009 Cedarville University alumnus Stephen Smith, pictured here, developed his version of the aerosol box to better protect health care workers from the splattering of COVID-19 germs that occurs when intubations bring about forceful coughs from patients.

Aerosol-box-on-bed-1.jpg (82 kB)
The aerosol box displayed on a hospital bed.

Aerosol-box-on-bed-2.jpg (122 kB)
Stephen Smith’s aerosol box displayed on a hospital bed.

Aerosol-box-with-patient.jpg (165 kB)
Medical staff can reach through the holes at the front of the aerosol box to perform intubations while being mostly shielded from COVID-19 coughing.


Stay-at-home orders, social distancing and medical masks have limited the exposure of most Americans to the coronavirus. But how do we protect the most exposed of all: health care workers?

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