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Taylor, Rachel and Turning Points.jpg (1199 kB)
Taylor and Rachel Hartley in New York City Harbor

Rachel Hartley Apr 15, 6 25 13 AM.jpg (1855 kB)
Rachel Hartley in her sailboat prepared to go to her volunteer job at the local hospital

Rachel Hartley Apr 15, 6 18 42 AM.jpg (2127 kB)
Rachel Hartley walks in the New York harbor toward the city

Rachel Hartley Apr 15, 6 11 54 AM.jpg (1497 kB)
With some of her protective personal equipment, Rachel Hartley prepares to serve in New York City


She passes by three tractor trailers on her way to work each day. It’s a somber reminder to Rachel Hartley, a critical care nurse and 2015 Cedarville University nursing graduate, of the reason she came to New York City in the first place.

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Cedarville, Cedarville University, COVID-19, nursing, nursing graduate



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