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Caring-Well-Meals---meals-packed-and-ready-for-delivery-on-September-29,-2020.jpg (1141 kB)
Food scheduled to go to Printy Hall

Caring-Well-Meals---volunteers-Christie-and-Jonathan-Bitner-drop-off-meals-at-Faith-Hall-to-Resident-Director-Miriam-Olar.jpg (1716 kB)
Christie and Jonathan Bitner deliver food to Faith Hall Resident Director Miriam Olar

Caring-Well-Meals---Faith-Hall-Resident-Director-Miriam-Olar-prepares-meals-for-pick-up-by-students-in-isolation.jpg (1617 kB)
Faith Hall Resident Director Miriam Olar prepares food for students in isolation


When you’re not feeling well, having mom’s chicken noodle soup and getting an encouraging note from a friend can go a long way toward recovery. Cedarville University is applying those same healing remedies to every one of its quarantined and isolated students during the pandemic.

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