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Dr. Marc Clauson interviews on a legal matter for a reporter in Dayton

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Dr. Mark Caleb Smith talks with a reporter from Cedarville University

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Dr. Mark Caleb Smith participates in one of the earliest interviews from the Cedarville University Newsroom

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Dr. Glen Duerr and Dr. Mark Caleb Smith on the morning program on WCRF Radio in Cleveland

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Dr. Zach Jenkins talks about the COVID-19 pandemic in front of a Dayton-area hospital

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From the Cedarville University Newsroom, Dr. Marc Clauson answers some media questions

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Dr. Mark Caleb Smith

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Dr. Marc Clauson

Zach Jenkins 2021 (1).jpg (24 kB)
Dr. Zach Jenkins

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Dr. Glen Duerr


100. It’s a big deal. When someone reaches their 100th birthday. Or, engaged couples realizing it’s only 100 days till their wedding. And for three Cedarville University faculty members, completing 100 media interviews in a single academic year is an achievement worth celebrating.

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