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2122-023 Morgan Dads Ring on Hand.jpeg (3180 kB)
Morgan wearing her father Doug’s ring around her arm in the NICU

2122-023 Rosemary NICU.jpg (1138 kB)
Rosemary in the NICU

2122-023 Rosemary Morgan Two Yrs Old.jpg (1036 kB)
Rosemary (left) and Morgan (right) at their families’ last reunion in 2005, when they were 2 years old.

2122-023 Morgan Rosemary Today.jpg (2913 kB)
Morgan (left) and Rosemary (right) today


Melissa looked around and saw freshman student Rosemary Carman. Rosemary didn’t recognize Melissa, but Melissa recognized Rosemary from pictures. Seconds later, Melissa was embracing Rosemary’s mom, Angela. Now mothers of college students, they had met each other 18 years before as mothers of premature babies, or preemies, and they had last seen each other when their daughters were 2.

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Cedarville, Cedarville University, students



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