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T.J.-Milby-during-his-playing-days-as-a-defender-with-the-Cedarville-men_'s-soccer-team.jpg (205 kB)
T.J. Milby in Uniform

Soccer Outreach JPeg.1.jpeg (2520 kB)
Dayton community children enjoy a scrimmage drill.

Soccer Outreach JPeg.2.jpeg (2341 kB)
Dayton Soccer staff gives instruction to community children.

Soccer Outreach JPeg.3.jpeg (1825 kB)
Ball handling exercises stretch individual skill and teamwork.


Watching T.J Milby’s fast-paced college life from the sidelines, it may have seemed like he only had one goal in mind. Yet, years of combined soccer and theological training have equipped him with a game plan that is already making a positive mark in the lives of refugee children in Dayton, Ohio.

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