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Pictured is Sarah-Kate Drown (far right) with a childhood friend. Photo provided by Sarah-Kate Drown.

Young Military Group of Children (1).JPG (3366 kB)
Pictured are four childhood friends with Sarah-Kate Drown (middle, wearing yellow), Anna Armani, and Simon Ross. Photo provided by Sarah-Kate Drown.

Military Children at Cedarville (1).jpg (16410 kB)
Four of the military connections are now studying at Cedarville University. They are, from left, Anna Armani, Sarah-Kate Drown, Simon Ross, and Kaiden Delsing. Photo by Logan Howard.


Seventeen years ago, five families stationed at the Edwards Air Force Base in California never thought they’d cross paths again. Now, five of those military kids have found themselves together again – studying at Cedarville University.

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