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Nursing students practice their skills in the nursing SIM lab.

Nursing Sim Lab 22_3159.jpg (3114 kB)
Nursing students work with simulated situations.

Nursing Sim Lab 22_3181.jpg (4148 kB)
Nursing students hone their knowledge by in-class application.


Cedarville University, located between Columbus and Cincinnati with an enrollment just north of 5,000 undergraduate, graduate, and dual-enrolled high school students, first entered health care education in 1985 when it opened its school of nursing, offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Since then, Cedarville has added a Master of Science in Nursing, a doctoral program in pharmacy, a Master of Athletic Training, and most recently, added a master’s degree in physician assistant (PA) studies and a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

All of these programs are nationally accredited. And, with intentionally small class sizes, students are highly engaged in their learning, which helps generate a top two ranking from the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education for student engagement in the nation.[MS1]

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