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For three Cedarville University engineering students, a summer internship is much more than just a chance to gain real-world experience; it’s a chance to make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

This summer, Dillon Henschen (computer engineering, senior, Wolcottville, Ind.), Anne Shipman (electrical engineering, senior, Winchendon, Mass.) and Michael Tapia (electrical engineering, graduate, Lakewood, N.J.) will work for SonSet Solutions to design software and hardware for use in a variety of equipment.

SonSet Solutions is an organization that uses the technical expertise of its staff to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through radio and clean-water ministries, as well as other technology-based initiatives.

Formerly known as the HCJB Technology Center, SonSet Solutions develops, designs, builds and fabricates equipment for use in third-world countries around the globe.

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