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Construction of the Lorne C. Sharnberg Business Center is moving closer to completion. The Business Center will open in August 2024.

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A larger patio for students, alumni, and guests outside of the Stevens Student Center takes shape next to Cedar Lake at Cedarville University

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The new patio is located between the Stevens Student Center and the new Scharnberg Business Center

LIB summer construction 23_006.jpg (89 kB)
Much work was done on Centennial Library, including a new HVAC unit, new carpet, and paint on the interior walls.

Construction - New Dorm.jpg (94 kB)
A new residence hall is now under construction along the southwest side of campus.


While most college campuses typically take on a quieter atmosphere when classes are not in session during the summer months, Cedarville University is anything but quiet. That’s because the university has more than 45 construction, renovation, and improvement projects all over campus.

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