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Students create clay models of their designs.

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Students discussing concepts.

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Tom Balliett teaching the Transportation Design course.

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A prototype of the autonomous vehicle


Five weeks into the current academic year, Cedarville University industrial and innovative design seniors have already wrapped up a transportation design project that could save lives.

For their most recent project in transportation design, the students examined a real-life problem seen by first responders across the nation--how can their response time be shortened so that more lives are saved? This project began with a concept developed by Tom Balliett, CFO, Co-founder and Instructor at the International Center for Creativity (ICC) in Columbus, Ohio. As a paramedic, Balliett was intrigued by a new project that the lieutenant governor of Iowa, Adam Gregg, recently proposed to lower emergency response times in rural areas. Described by Gregg as “Uber for EMS,” Iowa is testing an app that crowdsources volunteers in rural areas.

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