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The Foar Brothers 2.jpg (57 kB)
The Foar Brothers: Ben Clark, Thomas Hamilton, Timothy Hamilton, Trent Hamilton.

The Foar Brothers Praying.jpg (103 kB)
The Foar Brothers pray together before leaving Africa on their 3,000-mile journey in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Foar Brothers at the Start.jpg (332 kB)
The departure site for the World's Toughest Row in Africa.

The Foar Brothers in Ocean 2.jpg (46 kB)
The Foar Brothers during their first morning in the World's Toughest Row.

The Foar Brothers in Ocean.jpg (95 kB)
The Hamilton Brothers rowing in the World's Toughest Row just off the shore of Africa.


Imagine getting in a rowboat and paddling down a lazy river on a warm afternoon. It sounds like a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors without a care in the world.

How about rowing a boat 3,000 miles in the Atlantic Ocean from the tip of Africa to Antigua?

That’s the adventure of the “Foar Brothers,” a team that consists of three of the Hamilton brothers—Timothy, Thomas, and Trent, and their nephew, Ben Clark. The oldest brother, Troy, was scheduled to be part of the team but a back injury sidelined him, so Clark took his place.

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