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Despite his busy life, Cliff Fawcett takes time to enjoy his hobby of paddling.

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Fawcett is passionate about paddling and using his experience to educate others.


Dr. Cliff Fawcett is a nurse practitioner and professor at Cedarville University, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

Fawcett, coordinator of the MSN and DNP family nurse practitioner track and associate professor of nursing at Cedarville University, can be found canoeing or kayaking along a river in his free time. As an educator, Fawcett often looks for opportunities to teach, including when he documents his recent canoe trips or provides insight information for water fun and safety on his YouTube channel. His channel, “Cliff Fawcett,” has received more than 79,000 views since he first launched the site in 2017. His most popular video, “Canoe or Kayak? Style or Function,” has 38,000 hours of watch time.

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