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Jonny Gartner participated in a Fox News Town Hall with anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum in Columbus.

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A screenshot of Jonny Gartner asking a question to a U.S. Senate candidate last year during the Fox News Town Hall in Columbus.


Many people avoid politics due to feeling unqualified, uninformed or intimidated. That is not the case with Jonny Gartner, a 2023 political science graduate of Cedarville University who now serves as the systems and reporting manager at Cedarville.

For Gartner, who is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and now lives in suburban Dayton, Ohio, finding ways to use his degree to actively influence and support his community and encouraging others to do the same is his focus. One way he is using his influence is by serving as a delegate for the Nikki Haley campaign at the July GOP convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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