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ND4_6887.JPG (3128 kB)
Exterior photo of new building taken by Scott Huck

ND4_6894.JPG (3652 kB)
Interior of new building taken by Scott Huck

ND4_6895.JPG (3555 kB)
Interior of new building taken by Scott Huck


Cedarville University chemistry and biology students can now conduct experiments and tests in a state-of-the-art chemistry center. The $5 million expansion project was completed in time for the start of the 2015-16 academic year. Classes began on Wednesday, Aug. 19, and the first lab classes took place today, August 24.

The new facility, located along the southwest edge of campus, has six new laboratories: two for biology, two for chemistry, one for general chemistry and a research lab. The labs have the greatest hood capabilities available, providing better air quality in the facility.

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