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Cedarville University graduate Hank Fortener is petitioning the United Nations to set asideNovember 9 as World Adoption Day. Fortener is a pastor at MOSAIC Los Angeles, founder of AdoptTogether and recently spoke at Tedx Hong Kong and Tedx Chisinau.

As a pastor, Fortener has seen many couples who want to adopt, but cannot afford it. In 2012, he founded AdoptTogether to help families bear the financial burden. Since then, the site has raised $6 million to support more than 1,400 families complete the adoption process.

Fortener began World Adoption Day last year as an unofficial day of support, celebration and fundraising for adoption efforts, but a motion by the United Nations would make it an official day of support and celebration around the world.

It is estimated that nearly 153 million children around the world are orphaned, according to SOS Children’s Villages, a global organization that assists children in need.

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