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Cedarville University’s human biology students are excelling nationally. Last year, Cindy Wingert, assistant professor of biology, administered the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society’s (HAPS) exam for her Human Structure and Function class. Wingert’s class achieved such a high average score that they ranked at the 99 percentile nationally.

The HAPS comprehensive exam was established in June of 1993 as a standardized assessment form for two semester undergraduate anatomy and physiology courses. The validated exam is administered online in a secure platform. The exam allowed Wingert to compare the performance of her class with the rest of the nation. Class results were well above average. Wingert's class average was a 76.09 percent as compared to the national average of 51.79 percent. Additionally, one of Wingert's students achieved the highest score ever recorded for the exam, a 93 percent.

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