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Cedarville University’s Robotic Boat team will be spending July 8-13 in Virginia Beach. But instead of working on their tans, the four team members will be preparing their boat for the three on-the-water challenges that it will face during the International RoboBoat Competition.

The International RoboBoat Competition began in 2008 and draws universities from all over the world to compete including large schools like Virginia Tech and the University of Michigan. About 15 teams race student designed autonomous surface vehicles through an aquatic obstacle course including detecting underwater pings, navigating around buoys and autonomous docking. The events are completed autonomously by the boat through using software written by students that make use of camera images, GPS signals, and compass information. The competition is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), an organization that specializes in unmanned transportation.

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