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Cole's and Cedarville U.JPG (1952 kB)
Cole's and Cedarville U -- From left: Leah, Julie, Ryan, and Logan Cole

Logan Cole Sister Movein 2.JPG (2011 kB)
Logan Cole Sister Movein -- Leah and Logan

Logan Cole Sister Movein.JPG (2387 kB)
Logan Cole Sister Movein -- Leah and Logan

Logan Cole's Family.JPG (2048 kB)
Logan Cole's Family -- The entire Cole family Photos taken by Scott Huck, Cedarville University


The beginning of a new school year at Cedarville University is a benchmark event for teens moving toward adulthood. The path they travel to arrive on “Getting Started Weekend,” August 17-19, will be unique for each student in what could be another record-breaking enrollment. But it’s doubtful any will be able to match the life-changing, and almost life-ending, journey of incoming freshman Logan Cole.

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Cedarville, Cedarville University, freshman, Logan Cole, shooting victim



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