Master of Science in Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Projects

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Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)



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Randy Johnson, Ph.D., RN, ARNP

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Marsha Swinehart, MSN


Influenza, Asthma, Children, Vaccination, Pediatrics


Asthma is a complex inflammatory process affecting over 6 million American children. Influenza is a seasonal viral respiratory illness that rapidly spreads via droplet contact. The most effective means of preventing influenza is with an annual influenza vaccination. Pediatric experts agree that asthmatic children should be vaccinated against influenza. Despite this consensus, vaccination remains low. A local pediatric practice is participating in a quality improvement project. One program component focuses on engaging primary care practices in an initiative to increase influenza vaccines among asthmatic children. Although improved vaccination is a goal, the program has not provided any clear strategies for increasing vaccination rates. To facilitate the goal, a retrospective chart review was conducted, gathering recent practice data on influenza. Descriptive and correlational statistics were analyzed. A significant correlation was found between insurance type and vaccination status. After data collection, a literature review was conducted with the purpose of developing an evidenced-based approach to increasing vaccination rates among asthmatic children. Based upon results from the literature, fourteen recommendations were made and categorized according to level of evidence into strong, moderate, and weak recommendations. The information was compiled and presented in educational sessions to physicians and staff of the local practice.

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