Master of Science in Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Projects

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Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)



Committee Chair

Amy Voris, D.N.P., RN, CNE

Second Committee Member

Connie Ford, M.S.N., CFNP


debriefing, video-assisted debriefing, facilitated feedback, reflection


The purpose of this evidence based project was to evaluate current literature and synthesize the best practice guidelines for debriefing and video-assisted debriefing (VAD) as it relates to simulation-based learning for undergraduate nursing students. Presently, high fidelity patient simulators (HFPS) and various debriefing techniques are used in many different occupational fields. Facilitator led verbal debriefing is a standard practice in nursing schools following a simulation to guide student reflection and learning. Newer technology, however, is now allowing for video-recording and annotation of simulations for enhanced debriefing sessions and can be used for immediate review. Some evidence-based guidelines exist for standard debriefing; however, there is limited research for both VAD and the facilitator’s role. This project provides an operational definition which promotes assimilation into real-world practice by explaining the attributes of VAD: reflection, feedback, self-efficacy, and behavioral identification. Guidelines focus on tools for the facilitator to lead a VAD session. The Kolb Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) and framework was used for this project (Kolb, 1984).

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